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Diagnosis Time: 50 Minutes
Repair Time: 3-7 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 89 AED
*Additional charges as per bill estimate
**A Site Visit Charge is required to carry out a physical inspection of the item.

Noise Fan Motor or Blade Issue AED 149 – 499
Door Malfunction AED 149 – 749
Not Cooling AED 149 – 999
Thermostat Issue AED 149 – 449
Electronic Wiring Issue AED 149 – 399
Leaking Water AED 149 – 399

Refrigerators are an important part of our kitchen. They protect our food from bacterias and fungus thereby keeping it fresh and healthy. Apart from houses, you’ll find them in shops, offices, schools and several other places.

Many sophisticated and complex components go into the making of a refrigerator. Hence, it is bound to face technical issues at some point of time or the other. 

refrigerator repair serviceIn this article, we’ll discuss some common issues that your refrigerator might face. At the same time, you’ll receive help in your search for the best refrigerator repair service.

#1 Guaranteed Refrigerator Repair Dubai Services

A defective refrigerator can ruin your food if you don’t take immediate action. Get yourself a worthy refrigerator repair Dubai on the same day as the issue from F2Help. We offer prompt and professional home appliance fixes so that you can be assured of the repair quality. Get rid of your refrigerator problems with our specialised endeavour in fridge repairing near me.

Whether your refrigerator has troubles with cooling efficiency, motors, or thermostat, our technical team can take care of it. We work with only certified and verified refrigerator repair technicians. Therefore, you can get guaranteed and reliable solutions. After all, refrigerators are complicated appliances dealing with both plumbing and electrical components.

That’s why our experts take preventive measures and apply the best suitable solutions to deliver you a proficient refrigerator repair near me. On the other hand, our professional team of technicians is familiar with all the leading brands of refrigerators. 

Till now, our success record consists of the following refrigerator brands, such as:

  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Siemens
  • Haier
  • Bosch
  • Whirlpool
  • Super General
  • Electrolux
  • Ariston
  • Indesit
  • Panasonic
  • Frigidaire
  • Midea
  • Daewoo
  • Konka
  • Terim
  • Westpoint
  • Nikai
  • Hoover and more

Besides this, our experts can fix refrigerators regardless of their structure and working mechanism. Whether it is a single-door, top-mount, upright and chest freezer, built-in, side-by-side, or bottom-mount design, we can deliver top-notch fridge repair Dubai services. 

So, book an appointment with our refrigerator repair team for same-day and durable solutions at your doorstep.

Common Issues with Refrigerators:

No matter how expensive your refrigerator is, it’ll face some issues. Some of the most commonly occurring issues are as follows:

Non-functional Refrigerator Light

There’s a small bulb inside your refrigerator above the water dispenser. It helps to illuminate the space inside your refrigerator. The light activates when you open the door. 

Sometimes, the light may stop working. It can occur for a number of reasons. The bulb might be damaged or there might be some problems inside the socket. 

Noisy Compressor

The most important component in a refrigerator is the compressor. It helps in maintaining the pressure inside the refrigerator. They are designed to silence. However, if you hear weird sounds from the compressor, then there are some problems. You need to fix it as soon as possible.

There is a fan that runs constantly with the help of a processor. This fan helps to keep the temperature cool inside the refrigerator. Also, the fan prevents your refrigerator from overheating. If the fan develops an issue, it can cause noises. 

Issues with the Sealed Door

The door of your refrigerator is air-tight. It helps to control the cold temperature inside the refrigerator. If there are any leaks in the door, it can cause faulty cooling. Consequently, that will lead to overheating of the refrigerator and unwanted wastage of energy.

A faulty door or gasket also triggers lighting issues inside the refrigerator.

Problem with Defrosting

Defrosting is an essential feature of your refrigerator. It helps to melt the ice that gets unnecessarily accumulated inside. If the defrost sensor stops working, the entire defrosting process stops. The refrigerator gets crowded with ice.

Therefore, you must keep the defrost sensor working all the time.

Common Issues We Troubleshoot with Our Refrigerator Repair Dubai

Problems with your refrigerator, freezer, and other kitchen appliances are inevitable. The consequences might include spoiled food and foul odours all around in your kitchen and home. Additionally, there are chances that you might get an electrical shock if there’s a huge issue with electrical components. 

However, a quick and trusted refrigerator repair Dubai service can help you escape such situations. If you are looking for flexible and urgent home appliances repair near me, then F2Help is the place you can rely on. Get a wide range of refrigerator repair services followed by superior diagnosis and solutions from us.

What are common troubles a refrigerator is prone to? We have listed general issues that can ever happen to refrigerators and how we can assist you.

Temperature Hiccups

This is one of the most reported issues by homeowners. Your refrigerator might feel cooler or warmer than it should be. For example, if your refrigerator isn’t cool enough, then your food will be spoiled soon. 

The following can lead to a refrigerator that isn’t cooling enough:

  • Clogged air vents of the refrigerator prohibit the necessary airflow
  • The worn-out door gasket helps the cool air escape from the refrigerator
  • Thermostat problems

We at F2Help offer vent cleaning, gasket repair and replacement, condenser coil cleaning, thermostat repair, and more services to obtain the perfect temperature inside your refrigerator. 

Blocked vents can seriously degrade your refrigerator’s performance. So, get in touch with our experts from refrigerator repair near me for your fridge’s instant temperature control.

Leaking Water from Refrigerator

A refrigerator continuously leaking water can be hazardous for both the appliance and its users. Anyone can slip and fall if he or she doesn’t pay attention to the leaking water on the floor near the refrigerator. Well, 2 major reasons behind a leaky refrigerator are a clogged defrost drain and a frozen water supply.

Whatever the instance is, the good news is that our refrigerator repair Dubai experts can fix it. Our experts initiate the defrosting or unclog the water supply pipe according to the reason. 

Additionally, our technicians will inspect other components to rule out the leaking chances in the near future. Call our fridge repair Dubai professionals and request a service as soon as possible.

Frost Build-up

Do you observe ice or frost build-up inside the freezer or other interior portions inside your refrigerator? Well, frost build-up inside your refrigerator can impact the appliance’s functionality, even if it’s inside the freezer. This generally happens because of an increased level of humidity.

If you leave the refrigerator door open for a long time, then it’s obvious. Otherwise, a faulty door seal invokes a build-up of ice inside your fridge. We offer door seal replacement, freezer repair, defrosting solutions, and more to keep up your appliance’s performance top-notch. Avail home appliance repair near me from F2Help for fast and secure services.

Noisy Fridge

All refrigerators do make a humming noise, and this is perfectly normal. 

However, if you notice that your fridge keeps making a loud noise than usual, then the following causes are responsible:

  • Levelling issues of the refrigerator
  • Compressor problems
  • Condenser fan at fault
  • Accumulation of dust or debris on fun blades

We offer condenser fan repair, compressor repair, refrigerator cleaning, and additional services to resolve loud noises coming from a fridge. 

Schedule an appointment with our refrigerator repair near me professionals for emergencies. Get the best fridge repair and maintenance services from none other than F2Help.

High Electricity Bills

Does your refrigerator keep recycling or running power cycles frequently? Then, you can observe a surge in your electricity bills unless you depend completely on solar energy. A build-up of dust and dirt on and around condenser coils can lead to high energy consumption, no matter how energy-efficient your appliance is.

On the other hand, our fridge repair Dubai professionals have confirmed that an issue with the heating and cooling equipment can result in a high electricity bill. Therefore, consult with our team of refrigerator professionals to get rid of high power consumption. 

We offer condenser coil cleaning and related cooling components repair to deal with such circumstances. Simply call us and log a service request if your refrigerator costs you an elevated energy bill.

Fridge Light Problems

You can easily locate the light source inside your refrigerator. If you find out that the refrigerator bulb doesn’t function properly and your refrigerator interior is dark, then F2 Help is here to assist you. We offer bulb replacements if the light source is at fault.

In addition, our technicians can resolve connection dilemmas if there are any. We can fix socket problems easily so that your refrigerator can function properly. So book an appointment with our technicians if you face a problem with your refrigerator bulb.

Compressor Issues

Older refrigerators are prone to encountering compressor problems from time to time. 

If you notice the following signs with your refrigerator, then probably the compressor is bad:

  • The refrigerator doesn’t cool as much as expected
  • Additionally, the compressor might overheat
  • Your refrigerator has turned into a noisy appliance
  • The compressor keeps turning off and on frequently
  • The compressor doesn’t work at all 

Call our experts from refrigerator repair near me to resolve any glitch with the compressor. We offer compressor replacement to recover your refrigerator’s productivity. Give our services a try before you make up your mind about a hefty fridge replacement.

Water Dispenser Problems

If your refrigerator contains a water dispenser, then it might stop functioning someday. The water supply tube can be frozen, and this might obstruct the whole process. As a consequence, you might not get water dispensed. On the other hand, the water inlet valve might be damaged.

The inlet valve is responsible for allowing water into the dispenser to flow. To learn what has happened and fix the water dispenser, contact our fridge repairing near me team. 

Our technicians can repair the frozen water tube and water inlet valve immediately. So, join our technicians for same-day refrigerator repair in Dubai.

Condenser Issues

Critical refrigerator problems can arise from the condenser and its faulty components. For example, the following issues are quite common in refrigerators:

  • Dusty condenser coils
  • Broken inlet damper
  • Evaporator coils are frosted
  • Broken condenser fans

If you suspect that your refrigerator’s condenser unit doesn’t function properly, then consider our home appliances repair near me. Our trained fridge technicians offer to vacuum and clean condenser coils that might overheat the refrigerator.

Furthermore, we offer the best solutions to fix the broken inlet damper or the associated fan. We take preventive measures to defrost the evaporator coils too. Avail of the best refrigerator repair Dubai near you from none other than F2Help.

Fridge Door doesn’t Shut Properly

Several users have reported such door issues no matter what the brand is. Over time, the rubber gasket on the refrigerator door can wear out. Thus, you might face a problem with shutting the fridge door. However, the issue can result in turning on power cycles more frequently than required.

As a consequence, you can notice a soaring electricity bill. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the rubber seal of the refrigerator. Call our fridge repairing near me team to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Mention your refrigerator’s brand and model so that we can help you with the best and earliest repair solutions.

How Can You Get Our Refrigerator Repair Dubai Services?

F2Help prioritises customers’ requirements and urgency. That’s why we offer finely organised technical and miscellaneous services. If you are thinking about hiring our refrigerator repair Dubai services, then we have arranged a simple way to reach us. 

Go through the following ways to repair your malfunctioning fridge in the easiest way possible with us:

Call Our Technicians

The first step is to inform our expert team about the inconvenience you currently face with your home appliances. You can call us to report the issue or symptoms your fridge suffers from.

Provide All the Necessary Details

Once you reach our experts over the call, ensure that you cooperate with them. Our fridge repair Dubai team will listen to your appliance issues with patience. They might want to know the model, brand, and other details of your refrigerator so that they can serve you the highest quality repair solution.

In addition, you need to provide our experts with your address and contact details. Therefore, they can reach you sooner or at your convenience for an on-site repair service. Schedule an appointment with our professional and qualified technicians when it suits you.

Get Your Refrigerator Repaired

Our experts will attend your appliance repair session in due course. Now, you can relax, and our technicians will repair the refrigerator. 

Pay the service charge after you test and try your refrigerator’s functionalities. Retain your peace of mind with our dedicated refrigerator repair near me.

Why Should You Choose Our Fridge Repair Dubai Services?

F2Help is a trusted place for home appliances and other gadget repair services. We offer the best quality refrigerator repair Dubai services for any common or complex problems. Get an immediate response from our superior team of technicians so that your refrigerator food remains safe and edible. 

Here’s why you should pick up our services for your malfunctioning refrigerator:

Trained & Licensed Professionals

We have teamed up with only qualified, certified, and experienced refrigerator technicians. They are the #1 choice to repair your defective fridge in a single chance. Get accurate diagnosis reports and suitable solutions from F2Help.

Original Spare Parts are Used

We never compromise quality standards. That’s why we always stock 100% OEM spare parts for repair purposes. Get genuine and certified fridge repairing near me from none other than F2Help.

Immediate On-Site Assistance

An unwanted delay can spoil all your food in the refrigerator under serious circumstances. Get immediate attention and refrigerator repair Dubai services from us. Our technicians offer unfailing and fast on-site services.

Affordable Rates

F2Help has fixed service charges for any refrigerator issues. Thus, you can get reasonable prices to recover your fridge, and there’s no need to pay anything extra. Experience a transparent billing service and feasible payment option only with F2Help.

Book Yourself the Best Refrigerator Repair Dubai Service!

Are you still dealing with refrigerator problems? Opt for our same-day home appliance repair near me and revive your refrigerator. You can call us and log a service request. To know more about our services and pricing, contact our customer support team.

Why You Need a Professional Refrigerator Repair?

A refrigerator is a complicated machine which comes with a set of sophisticated electronic components. Therefore, if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, you shouldn’t attempt to fix the problems. You should instead take help from a professional repair service.

There are many reasons why must choose a certified refrigerator repair service:

  1. Diagnosing any issue regarding your refrigerator requires sound knowledge about refrigerators.
  2. In case you need a replacement part, then professional services will help you. These services have contacts through which they can procure genuine parts from authentic sources.
  3. Last but not least, you need trained and certified technicians to repair and fix the issue.

Why Choose our Refrigerator Repair Service?

There are numerous refrigerator repair services in Dubai that claim to be the best. However, if you’re looking for the one that’s actually the best in the market, then your search ends here. We offer some of the most unique features that make us outshine the rest in the market.

Here’s why you should consider our refrigerator repair services:

All-Extensive Service

We have a group of experienced and reliable technicians. They are well-trained and certified. These technicians are taught to deal with any issue regarding a refrigerator. 

Moreover, they are equipped with best-in-class supporting equipment to solve the issue in no time.

Fast Service

Our aim is to resolve your refrigerator within 24 hours. No matter how serious the damage is, our technicians are trained to fix it within the said time.

Moreover, we have an efficient and prompt doorstep service. Our technicians will reach your office or home the day you contact us. We have a 24×7 customer support system. All you have to do is to give a missed call or leave a message. Our executives will get in touch with you in an hour.

Repair Service at Affordable Rate

One of the perks of availing our service is that you need not worry about the money involved. We offer refrigerator repair services at quite a reasonable rate. We do not have any hidden or extra charges. What we show is what you pay.

We will keep you informed and updated about the costs of repairing. Moreover, we also offer cashless service. You pay us using any of the online payment methods of your choice.


Reliability is the hallmark of our service. At times you might need to replace a faulty component of your refrigerator. Our team provides genuine parts obtained from authentic sources. 

Moreover, we give topmost priority to your satisfaction. So, you need not pay a single penny until our technicians solve your issue entirely.

Contact us to Avail our Premium Services

To sum it up, if you’re searching for refrigerator repair services in Dubai, then you don’t need to look further. The best one in business is here for you. We can assure you that our services will be worth your money.

All you need to do is to pick up your phone and give a call at +045864033. You can also contact us through our official website

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